Came across this random session of Pancho Sullivan, Archy and Sunny Garcia at OTW in the early 00’s. Archy’s first snap is just BEYOND, Sunny is tack sharp, Pancho just F’s my world up. Seeing him surf live makes you feel sorry for waves. If you are in need of inspiration to make waves BLEED... then have a look at this super session of wave gore-

Not very many people who fall into this category of wave gore. Pancho Sullivan, Sunny Garcia and Archy are definitely some next level heroe’s in this genre, but who else? Dane Kealoha, Johnny Boy Gomes, Larry Bertelmen, Buttons, Kaipo Jacquias, Occy, Margo, Andy Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Pete Mendia... maybe now a days someone like Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Zeke Lau, Dane Gudauskas are comparable ... To be clear... Wave gore category is someone who throws their heart and soul into every maneuver but also has this underlying X factor that you can’t practice, it’s either in your blood or it’s not. FULL BLOWN WAVE ASSAULT. People do sick turns yet fall short of this category in my opinion... WHO MAKES WAVES BLEED? Leave names I left out in comments below, let’s gather the ULTIMATE WAVE GORE list.

ULTIMATE WAVE GORE LIST (going to be updating as more names roll in)

Larry Bertelmann 


Dane Kealoha

Richard Cram


Mark Richards

Shaun Thompson

Cheyne Horan 

Johnny Boy Gomes

Tom Carroll  

Tom Curren

Martin Potter


Shane Powell 

Sunny Garcia

Matt Kechele 

Kelly Slater

Kaipo Jacquias


Munga Barry

Chris Brown

Matt Hoy

Andy Irons

Bruce Irons

Chris Ward 

CJ Hobgood

Damien Hobgood

Joel Parkinson

Mick Fanning

Taylor Knox

Danny Wills

Dean Morrison

Adam Repogle

Kasey Curtis

Nathan Hedge 

Bill Hartley

Cory Lopez

Ben Bourgeois

Fabio Gouveia

Koby Aberton 

Pete Mendia

Baron Knowlton

Bryan Hewitson

Noah Snyder

Gabe Kling

Carlos Cabrero

Cocolo Torres

Mark Holder

Nathan Fletcher

Kamalei Alexander 

Ross Williams

Gavin Beschen

Kaimana Henry

Tai Van Dyke

Koleo Robertson

Fred Pattachia

Dustin Barca

Kawika Stillwell 

Jeremy Flores

Asher Pacey

Asher Nolan


John John Florence

Billy Kemper

Ola Eleogram

Mike Gleason

Aritz Aranburu

Neco Padaratz  

Dane Reynolds

Dane Gudauskas

Tanner Gudauskas

Pat Gudauskas

Dusty Payne

Mitch Coleburn 

Jordy Smith

Conner Coffin

Alejandro Moreda

Wade Carmichael 

Zeke Lau

Griffin Collapinto

To continue familiarizing yourself with WAVE GORE -

The RC World Cup of Surfing

Picture this for a second-

Kelly Slater just rips a wave at KS wave co during the World Cup of Surfing presented by the League of extraordinary surfers. Right behind him Larry Howlett, Radio-Controlled surfing guru, get's shacked off his MELON on the miniature (possibly better shaped wave) that breaks right after the MAIN wave. 


Should WSL consider adding a RC division at the World Cup of Surfing in September?

Should this be considered by major company's at all events?

Should this be it's OWN league?

SO MANY UNKNOWN'S IN THIS WORLD RIGHT NOW, but this seems solvable. 



Radio-Controlled surfing guru Larry Howlett and his custom Maui RC Surfer put on an exhibition of serious rc ripping in San Clemente. Check out more footage of RC ripping: Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


Apparently they let just anyone in the surf ranch these days... In other words they let the dogs... IN! I felt like I affected KS Wave Co stock the second I drove my van on the premise. Never the less I LOVED the experience. You will too once you get the chance, which apparantly might be sooner than everyone thinks (according to rumors floating around the park).

Here's some insight to my experience... first off, was not ready to jump straight into the water as quick as I did. If you end up going, have your board ready the second they finish running you through the safety video. Second, ride a board that holds! Waves got punch and is kind of tricky to read! Pretty mesmerizing when your on it. I found that I liked my board with single concave bottom best. I rode a 5'8" white noiz (blue) and a 5'7" untitled (red) and the 5'7" untitled felt best. Luke Stedman was there with us and was riding a Dark Side that looked good under his feet (also single concave). Just a quick geek out, can't help myself. Also, I ended up with 10 waves total (6 waves with priority and 4 waves poaching) which only feels like a few! Cherish your rides!

The experience is top notch. Wave 10, amenities 10, food 10, jacuzzi 10, golf cart 10. Get your YUPPIE on and don't look back! All the Yuppie talk won't hold me back from trying to get 3 barrels and do 25 turns on a wave! Although I'm sure your sick of watching clips of this place, your probably gonna post videos quicker than I did once you surf it. The STOKE is real after one ride at this place.  

Video: David Malcolm

Song: donde este los banos by George Trimm 

Edit: Casual Slice 


San Fransisco Novelty Fun with Wade Goodall

Wade Goodall flew into town on official Vans business, so I had to kidnap him for an unofficial road trip in the Wizard Wagon. OBVI! Had no idea there was going to be waves at this spot, we just wanted to go check it out after we had already surfed a different spot and were in the vicinity. So, much to our surprise there was a little wave, I begged Dave to film with my handy cam (I had him at 60 x optical zoom) so here it is ! Novelty at its finest :)*** no mat's were injured during the making of this video***

Bonus pics by Dave Malcolm

John Maus at the Belly Up

This message is simple: Go see John Maus. 

Was trying to link my spotify account with my 3 favorite songs of the night but I can't figure it out. Anyone know how to do that?  you can search them and listen if you want. They are off his latest album "Screen Memories" -

Bombs Away


Find Out

Video below of John performing "the Combine" ... insane! 

I enjoyed Holy Shit as well, although it seemed management at the Belly Up cut their time short for some reason. Or maybe we were just late. 

(linked my instagram account thinking it would stay on the John Maus video I posted, it didn't. Head to my instagram account and check it out. He is next level!)

Interview with Jon Rose in Vol4 Issue 1 of WHALEBONE magazine (the interview issue)

2 months ago I was asked to conduct an interview for an upcoming issue of Whalebone magazine. The interview issue. Having recently volunteered to go on a Waves For Water mission to support their Caribbean hurricane relief efforts after Hurricane Irma (and then on to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria), I couldn't think of a better person than Waves for Water founder, Jon Rose. I was so impressed with what Jon has accomplished and was genuinely interested in hearing more. What we were able to achieve (and continue to achieve) with relief efforts in the Caribbean has been remarkable. Not only the initial impact that these water filters have on each and every community but the longevity each filter has. As well as the continued efforts of the W4W team and program have been extremely supportive. They have been going strong since the hurricane hit in September of 2017. Jon's attitude towards life is infectious and it is very refreshing (ESPECIALLY in the middle of a natural disaster!) to be with someone who cares. The world needs more of this breed of human. Below are a few photos taken by Jimmy Wilson on our trip. I have included the audio recording of our conversation if you feel like listening. The intro of our conversation touches on how I kind of struggled with coming back to normalcy after the trip, maybe a mild form of PTSD? I don't know, but Jon (as well as my wife, Scott Sisamis, Ken Baum and friends) had some awesome words of wisdom on the whole experience and help me bounce back :)If you'd like to learn more about Waves for Water and how to get involved click here

Casually Turnt; Tom Curren's 5'5" x 19 1/14" section

Growing up, my local surf shop (Surf Zone) was the main hang out for me and my friends. Lucky for us one of our good friends, Aron Geiger, worked at the shop. Also lucky for us, his mom owned the shop. We were always finding ways to hang in there as long as possible. Trying to earn an extra 1/2 hour in the shop by helping somebody figure out what traction to get. But mainly, definitely, pissing Becky off. Sorry Becky! But we loved the surf videos and the vibe! Sorry I'm not sorry! We also couldn't afford every dvd/vhs that came out. And there wasn't internet back then. So we would pull the brand new beach chairs for sale in corner out and feast our eyes on whatever they had playing on the TV. 5'5" x 19 1/4" was definitely one of my favorites and has remained a staple morning amp up ever since. Especially this Tom Curren Section. SHIT! This guy is a master in every sense of the word. I also thought it was cool he wasn't riding a 5'5". So if you haven't seen this (which I hope to god is not the case), click below and get yourself CASUALLY TURNT for your next sesh! WAHOO!


As each day passes, I am more certain that surfing is a FEELING, not a sport.I've always felt this way deep down. But the FEELING grows stronger everyday. It has always been my escape from society to do whatever the hell I want. It's the greatest canvas on earth! You've got to feel it! Demonstrated here by Larry Bertlemann. Holy Shit! this is the FEELING right here! Love what he says about small wave surfing, what a visionary.

God I love this zone

it really puts me in … the zone

No sympathy for dead orchids 

they kind of mess with … the zone

see ya later orchids

God I love this zone

it really puts me in … the zone

you really gotta look after your zone

if you wanna get in the zone

you really gotta get into your zone

if you wanna get in the zone

take some pride in your zone

and you will get in… the zone

God I love this zone

it really puts me in … the zone

YouTube Channel

Just launched a YouTube channel. Will be posting surf clips, animations and whatever else helps me pass the time and gives other people temporary relief of boredom. Hopefully some of these motivate you to do anyone of these awesome activities. Here is one video of big spin I did a few years ago. There are more video's here on my YouTube Channel