Join RESCATE PLAYAS BORINQUEN for Earth Day! (April 22,2017)

HELP!!!! We are supporting RESCATE PLAYAS BORINQUEN and their efforts to bring real CHANGE to Aguadilla! Their main goal is turning Wilderness Beach in Aguadilla Puerto Rico into a national reserve! Although that might take a while, they are chipping away at projects that keep inching them closer to that goal. Among many other projects, they're most recent project was fixing the road at Wilderness so everyone could access their favorite beach again. Join their efforts to preserve the area and keep it clean on Earth Day April 22, 2017 they are having another beach cleanup or donate to their go fund me if you can't make by clicking here- . In addition to all of this, CASUAL SLICE is donating all proceeds sold on site to RESCATE PLAYAS BORINQUEN (up until earth day). Find out more on how to get involved on or click over to our 'Merch' store and treat yo self!