Casually Turnt; Tom Curren's 5'5" x 19 1/14" section

Growing up, my local surf shop (Surf Zone) was the main hang out for me and my friends. Lucky for us one of our good friends, Aron Geiger, worked at the shop. Also lucky for us, his mom owned the shop. We were always finding ways to hang in there as long as possible. Trying to earn an extra 1/2 hour in the shop by helping somebody figure out what traction to get. But mainly, definitely, pissing Becky off. Sorry Becky! But we loved the surf videos and the vibe! Sorry I'm not sorry! We also couldn't afford every dvd/vhs that came out. And there wasn't internet back then. So we would pull the brand new beach chairs for sale in corner out and feast our eyes on whatever they had playing on the TV. 5'5" x 19 1/4" was definitely one of my favorites and has remained a staple morning amp up ever since. Especially this Tom Curren Section. SHIT! This guy is a master in every sense of the word. I also thought it was cool he wasn't riding a 5'5". So if you haven't seen this (which I hope to god is not the case), click below and get yourself CASUALLY TURNT for your next sesh! WAHOO!