Interview with Jon Rose in Vol4 Issue 1 of WHALEBONE magazine (the interview issue)

2 months ago I was asked to conduct an interview for an upcoming issue of Whalebone magazine. The interview issue. Having recently volunteered to go on a Waves For Water mission to support their Caribbean hurricane relief efforts after Hurricane Irma (and then on to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria), I couldn't think of a better person than Waves for Water founder, Jon Rose. I was so impressed with what Jon has accomplished and was genuinely interested in hearing more. What we were able to achieve (and continue to achieve) with relief efforts in the Caribbean has been remarkable. Not only the initial impact that these water filters have on each and every community but the longevity each filter has. As well as the continued efforts of the W4W team and program have been extremely supportive. They have been going strong since the hurricane hit in September of 2017. Jon's attitude towards life is infectious and it is very refreshing (ESPECIALLY in the middle of a natural disaster!) to be with someone who cares. The world needs more of this breed of human. Below are a few photos taken by Jimmy Wilson on our trip. I have included the audio recording of our conversation if you feel like listening. The intro of our conversation touches on how I kind of struggled with coming back to normalcy after the trip, maybe a mild form of PTSD? I don't know, but Jon (as well as my wife, Scott Sisamis, Ken Baum and friends) had some awesome words of wisdom on the whole experience and help me bounce back :)If you'd like to learn more about Waves for Water and how to get involved click here