Positive Vibration now available on iTUNES

Bless up! you can now find 'Positive Vibration' for purchase here. Here's a few photos below taken by Tanner Gudauskas !!!! Positive Vibration is a documentary about the Gudauskas Brothers and their quest to get people to donate any unused surfboards to Jamaica. After a trip in Spring of 2015 Dane, Tanner, Josie Graves and myself, we were all blown away by how little resources the surf community had near Kingston. So they fired up an idea working with surf shops in California to see how many people would donate. The response was overwhelming...  Billy 'Mystic' Willmont runs the only surf camp near Bull Bay, this is the story about how a small idea, as simple as giving away your unused surfboards in your garage, can have major impact!

PS- I've included a recording from our last night in Jamaica (using my iPhone). Billy Mystic magic! Have a listen while checking out photos to really get the VIBE!